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ConfigMaker tool for multiple configurations

Like many others I want to have EPG on my satellite receiver and WebGrab++ seemed like great tool.
Since I'm also lazy I don't want to do all the hard work of channel mapping, editing configurations, etc.. over and over again.
Modifying/maintaining one "grab" configuration is not that much of a deal, but problems rise when you have multiple configurations to run. Constantly copy/pasting site keys, updating inis & xmls, checking paths. Unacceptable.
What I also learned was that many others have same problems.


WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.

Program Release
(this beta is not needed for Windows !)

Solves a security protocol problem in LINUX only:
- error downloading page: The SSL connection could not be established -
Uses the same source code as 5.1.1 Beta, the updated installer adds a custom openssl.cnf
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Program Release

- A fix of REX/MDB postprocessor that now allows full function of element title
- Improved PostProcessor Plugin :
* - finds the executable in home subfolder Postprocess_Plugins
* - supports .dotnet executables in Linux (and Windows)

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Program Release

Build 2 of version 5.1 .. 'quickfix' to correct a small bug that caused an error in siteini's that contain an if or a loop operation

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Program Release

Upgrade to .NET7
Some minor fixes and additions to the grabber section.
Complete rewrite of the updatexmltv section of REX and MDB
see changelog.txt for more details

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Probably not all donating users realise that a rather substantial part of their contribution is lost due to fee. For the most common donation of 5€ , this fee is 10.8% . Until now, we (wg++) paid this fee, so the full (gross) donation amount was added to the user account. But we have decided it is justified to change this. Rather than raising the prices for the currently high inflation, we decided that from May 1 2023 onwards, the amount that will be added to the user account will exclude that PayPal fee.
It is easy to donate amounts including that fee, because the new 'support us' button , shows a separate check box :
  'Add €x.xx EUR to help cover the fees'.
If you check this box, the amount added to your account will be as it was before. A 5€ net amount (5.54 gross) will still allow a 1 year donator status .. etc
Note that the fee is relatively higher for lower donations .. e.g. for 5€ it's 0.54€ (10.8%) for 10€ it's 0.71€ (7.1%) etc.
Thanks for your understanding .. WG++ team
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Docs release

Lots of new and updated things
See page 2 for all that is new .. !!

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