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Hi, the siteini for used to work but it's now definitely broken due to a completely different format being used.

I've been trying to create a new siteini file but am having huge problems with the start time. 

Here's the code: 

site {|timezone=UTC+10:00|maxdays=7|cultureinfo=en-AU|charset=UTF-8|titlematchfactor=90}
site {ratingsystem=AU|subtitlestype=ClosedCaption|loadcookie=yourtv.cookie.txt|keepindexpage}
url_index.headers {customheader=Accept-Encoding=gzip,deflate}
urldate.format {list||tomorrow|{datestring|ddd}}
index_variable_element.modify {addstart|data-channel-name="9HD"}
index_showsplit.scrub {multi|'index_variable_element'|<a|</a>|<div class="guide__row"}
index_title.scrub {single|<h4>||</h4>|} 
index_start.scrub {single(debug)|<p>||</p>|}

All channels and all programs are on the index page. For development I've hard coded in only one of the channels rather than using config_site_id.

If I comment out index_start I get all the titles for the channel 9HD for today but without any timings. If I include index_start I only get one program but the time is correct. 

What am I doing wrong here as I can't work it out?

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