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Webgrab++ not a valid Win32 application

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Webgrab++ not a valid Win32 application

I need to run WG++ on a Win32 machine. And I need the latest WG++ 2.1.5

NOW I get the attached error.
I have no idea how to resolve this.
Also the 2.1.4 gives this error.

The 2.1 version install normally.

What can I do?


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Looks like you run an old windows (xp? vista?)
1. download again 2.15
2. disable anti-virus
3. run as administrator
4. try compatibility mode (right click on WebGrab+Plus.exe > properties >compatibility mode and select your OS)

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Hi willy,
Long time.....
Could you check what version of .net there is installed. You should have >=4.7
If not available, just install it separately. And then run wg++.

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I do not own this PC. It is a Windows Server, and yes really old. (I think still basically XP)
So running as administrator is not possible. Also this PC is located some 250 km away.
(Edit: it is a Windows Server 2003)

As far as I can see the .NET installed is v4.0.30319
I will see how I can update this. Maybe I have to request the help from the server Administrator for this.


PS: On my own PC's everything works OK (Windows and Linux)

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