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Update DirecTV for single channel

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Update DirecTV for single channel


Have a very strange problem with fetching information of channel 220 in the lineup. 

4 channels are shown as this channel with ZIP 10001 (New York). 2 of the channels should give data with reference information from the web.

I tried fetching all 4 and they only give random program information with lots of "Programming information not available" inbetween.

In rear occasions it will give actual programming, see attached.


Screenshot from the web is done at 05.35 UTC/GMT time showing local time for NY with the time-bar at 01.35AM.

All the channels fetched says "Programming information not available" and dont match the web.

See attached comparison of fetched data ws web.


Running @Rev13 still. Dont think @Rev14 fixes this problem.



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