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Some of the channels (example ProSieben) have a German and a Austrian schedule.  Both the websites ( and give the schedules mixed.


Café Puls mit PULS 4 News

Label: Serie!
Mike & Molly
Vincent badet (3.02)

Label: Serie!
How I Met Your Mother
Wieder vereint (9.10)

Label: Serie!
Label: Trailer!
How I Met Your Mother
Reim dich oder ich fress dich (9.11)

Label: Serie!
Label: Trailer!
Two and a Half Men
Ich bin wie Reizhusten (10.01)

It has a marking for which country it is destined.  a (A) for Austria and a (D) for Germany.

In the source this is given as:  <span class="region">(A)</span>

or <span class="region">(D)</span>

It should now be simple to omit the German shows when grabbing the Austrian schedule.

Defining a showsplit:

index_showsplit.scrub {multi (exclude="<span class="region">\(D\)</span>")|<table class="sendungsblock"||</table>|</table>}

However this does not work in this siteini.   The Showsplit in this siteini is so complicated, I get all kinds of results, but never eliminating the German shows in this example.


Thes same is happening in the German when I define there:


index_showsplit.scrub {multi (exclude="<span class="region">\(A\)</span>")|<table class="sendungsblock"||</table>|</table>}


Help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




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