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Stop the WAR - No Russia Support

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Stop the WAR - No Russia Support

It's 26 Feb 2022 and we all know what it is going on between Russia and Ukraine.
This means nothing compared to what a "WAR" is, but we can't just close our eyes.
We do not want to start politic's discussions, but as a very small community we decided to suspend the support to Russian siteini, epg and whatever, until all this will stop, hopefully with a peacefull situation.
1. Siteini from Russia folder have been removed, (whatever is in your siteini.pack will still work).
2. We suggest to move Russia folder to siteini.user to avoid that siteini.pack updates will delete everything.
3. Siteini with extension .ru will not be supported for now. Do not even ask for creation, modification or changes.

We hope that you all will understand this small protest, even the friendly russian users we have.
We need peace and no war !!

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