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[SOLVED] WG crashes after installation and config

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[SOLVED] WG crashes after installation and config

hi all,
installed WG v1.1.1/18 on windows vista ultimate SP 2 64 bit.
- i'm located in sydney, australia, so i've modified the "WebGrab++.config.xml" file to have channels.
- i've also exported the cookie.
thirdly, i've disabled (or tried to disable) the MDB post processing.
on running the .exe i get:
"File C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\xmltv\tvguide.xml not found, creating a new one .."
this is already a problem since there is no Docs and Settings folder.
continues with:
"ABC1 updating, using site YOURTV.COM.AU, mode incremental
MDB ini file - C:\ProgramData\ServerCare\WebGrab\ - doesn't exist
Cannot run MDB postprocessor"
it's at this point i get the standard windows dialogue "WebGrab+Plus has stopped working"
i'm not sure why the post processing is kicking in, when i have:
"<postprocess run="n" grab="y">mdb</postprocess>" in the config xml.
i'll attach the config files shortly.

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update to the latest version of WG++ (use the update download).
The one you installed is the base version. And that is a very old one. (but you need it before you can do the update) So update to V1.1.1/51.
use the latest verson for files (download it from the EPG channels page. Copy the .ini file next to your .confi.xml file
The mdb should not be run. Have you changed the folder location of the .confi.xml file? The only reason I can think of, is that you have placed a copy of the .config file in an other folder and that WG++ just takes the original .config file.
But mayb it is already fixed when you update to V51.

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ok, cool. i didn't realise about the update, so that seems to have got me a bit further.
after modifying the new yourtv ini to look for the right cookie filename it appears to be working its way through the channels!

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