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[SOLVED] Not recognizing user name for license check

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[SOLVED] Not recognizing user name for license check

Hello. I am trying to set up my user, email and password in WebGrab++.config.xml. I followed the steps described here:

1. I put my username "huantxo", as you can see in the logs
2. I used my registration email (hidden in the logs)
3. I also put the "License pass code" from my profile page, in the "password" field (hidden in the logs)

I try to force the license update by putting a "f" between the tags, like "<license...>"f"</license>".

But, still, my user name is not recognized as a registered user. What am I doing wrong?

[ ] WebGrab++ license request and update log
[ ] 2021/05/06 22:58
[ ]
[ Info ] License request/update
[ Info ] Username 'huantxo'
[Warning ] A previous record dd 2021/05/06 for un_registered user 'huantxo' found
[Warning ] Correct the username in the license request :
[ Info ] <license wg-username="huantxo" registered-email="p****l@g****.com" password="*********" />
[Warning ] License has expired !
[ Info ] The program will run with performance settings : 'un_registered_user'
[ Info ] License check .. done
[ ].

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did you do it as picture without "f" but only>f< ?

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Thank you for your response.
Yes, that is how I did it. It seems to be fixed today. Probably it was a matter that I had signed up recently, and the server needed some hours to sync. Thanks!

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