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When using for NRK2 the first day grabs correct.
However it skips next a day.  See the attached grab.
I used the as published on the site here. And both Webgrab version 1.1.1/53.2 and version 1.1.1/51.  Same result.
Cannot get it to work correctly.
Other channels work correctly.

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Hi Willy,
the problem here was due to the listing of 'subshows', shows that occur as part of another one listed. They have the same start time and title but specify a section of the show with a certain content. WG++ cannot handle that and moves the subshow to the next day.
I had to remove these subshows from the index_showsplit . To do that I used the removeduplicates command with the link and the newly introduced span arguments. For example when span=1 it will only remove shows that are considered duplicate that are listed next to each other in the index page.
The  revised is @
You will need to upgrade to the beta 1.1.1/53.6 because of the new span argument

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