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- - - - - - - RULES & GUIDLINES - - - - - - -

Reading and following this, will not only speed up things for you, but will also reduce the workload of the helping forum users.

BEFORE you start a new topic:

  1. Check if the site you are targeting is still up and running.
  2. Check if you use the latest build of WG++, your site.ini and site.channels.xml file.
  3. Check our FAQ to see if your question is not already answered.
  4. Check on the forum if there is already a topic for your problem.

WHEN you start a new topic:

  1. Mention the version of WG++
  2. Mention the version of OS [win7, win8, win10, Mac OS, Ubutnu 16.04, Mint 18, ...]
  3. Mention the version of mono [only for non-windows machines:  ( mono -V, on the command line)]
  4. Deliver as much info as possible and put the next files in a .zip file.
    • your_site.ini
    • your_site.channels.xml
    • WebGrab++.config.xml
    • WebGrab++.log.txt
    • guide.xml
      Please don't just copy/paste full loggings. Upload it as a .zip file instead.
    • What is not allowed: This forum is in support of the webgrabplus software and its plugins. Any reference to external software (products, grabbers, list, unofficial plugins, images) will be removed. Any request to post webgrab related software requires prior approval. Requests might be send via e-mail (see contact in forum bar).

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