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rex postprocess

Hi there,

Need some assistance on how to correct this issue as I've tried to fix and search. Prior to using REX PostProcess my icon source looks like this

icon src=.png /icon

however after running the REX it now looks like this. It's placing /icon on a new line for some reason

icon src=.png

I cannot seem to find where I can edit a setting for that. If someone could please help that would be greatly appreciate, I'm already bald and cannot afford to pull out anymore hair.

{Episode: 'episode' }
'description[max_words=75]'{\n\t¤Produced in: 'productiondate'. }{\n\t¤Category: 'category(, )'. }{\n\t¤Actors: 'actor(, )'}{\n\t¤Director: 'director(, )'}

{Ratings: 'rating(, )'.}

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As requested here and rex config.Then explain what are you trying to achieve (i guess desciption + other elements)

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