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Request for Šport TV 1 and Šport TV 2 EPG grabber

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Request for Šport TV 1 and Šport TV 2 EPG grabber

Both channels are slovenian sports channel.
This is official link for Šport TV 1
and this is official Šport TV 2
Is it possible that text after start time and before first colon be in tag description and text after first colon in tag title?
1. example
05.00 Rokomet. Bundesliga: Rhein Neckar - Hamburg, ponovitev

<programme start="20140505050000 +0200" stop="20140505065000 +0200" channel="Šport TV1">

<title lang="si">Rhein Neckar - Hamburg, ponovitev</title>

<desc lang="si">Rokomet. Bundesliga</desc>



2. example


07.50 Nogomet. Francoski pokal: Finale: Rennes - Guingamp, ponovitev


<programme start="20140505075000 +0200" stop="20140505103000 +0200" channel="Šport TV1">

<title lang="si">Finale: Rennes - Guingamp, ponovitev</title>

<desc lang="si">Nogomet. Francoski pokal</desc>



Thanks smiley


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