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Problem with


I'm trying to generate my own EPG xml file with WebGrab+, it almost works... I have a couple of issues:

- I can't seem to get the logos to display.  The xml it generates is i.e.

<channel id="TVP 1">
<display-name lang="pl">TVP 1</display-name>

I'm guessing that the tag should look more along the lines of i.e.:     <icon src=""">"/>

Tried a few different combinations but can't seem to get it out of the <icon> mode.  My syntax for extracting the logo is:

index_urlchannellogo   {url ||<div class="img">| src=""|</div>}

- the other issue is how to get it to display the icon for sub-title/additional information about the show.  I realize this is a non-english site so I'll provide a sample link that perhaps someone can give me some help on how to get the required info.,cid,20823112


thanks in advance.

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