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Problem with country.scrub: No match found (Help Request)

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Problem with country.scrub: No match found (Help Request)

Ineed help to grab the country, i have this:  

<div class="ficha-tecnica fix">
        <span class="cl-etaria fl">12</span>
        <p class="fl">130 min - 2008 - China, Estados Unidos <span class="divisor">|</span>
                <a href="" title="Action">Action</a>

                    PART OF FULL HTML.

But i cant get contry using any of this:

country.scrub {regex (debug)|| - [\d{4}].*<span||}
*country.scrub {single|<div class="ficha-tecnica|min | <span class="divisor">|</span>} 

*country.scrub {single(type=regex)| \d{4}\(.*\)<span} 

*country.scrub {single(type=regex)|\d{4}\ -\ \(.*\)\ <span\ class="divisor} 


I need to get China, Estados Unidos or in other pages is some one name eg.: Estados Unidos

How i cant get country for this codes?

Whatever if the result will:

<category lang="pt">China</category>

<category lang="pt">Estados Unidos</category>


<category lang="pt">China, Estados Unidos</category>

But i need this, I do not know what to try anymore. frown

Could someone give me an example for this case? I've read the documentation, but that was the only thing I have not gotten so far.

Thank you for your attention.


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