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One day (24h)Offset in guid.xml

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One day (24h)Offset in guid.xml

I just installweg wg++ and see that I hav 1 day (24h) offset in the grabbed guide.xml.
I am grabbing from
- I am very simple in German timezone, my local time and timezone are set correctly.
Currently: date prints "Mon Dec 11 06:13:02 PM CET 2023"
- I went through the FAQ's section for time but couldnt find anything for 1 day offset.
- I see that WG++ has the correct time in the logfile:
Job started at 11/12/2023 02:15:01 which is last night;
approx 1h before the write timestamp on filesystem: "Dec 11 03:31"
- I checked that this is really in the written XML. Example
a) On Fr (15.12.23) at 22:30 we have "heute-show" on ZDF.
b) My guide.xml states that this is already on Thu (14.11.2023) at 22:30:
<programme start="20231214223000 +0100" stop="20231214230000 +0100" channel="ZDF">
<title lang="de">heute-show</title>

I have no clue what could be the reason, checked that nothing strange is inside my siteini (siteini.pack/Germany/ as well as my WebGrab++.config.xml

Any help? THANKS!

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welcome to webgrab.
first never assume the webgrab guide data will match the site.
sometimes it will and sometimes it wont.

the start/stop time can in one of 3 formats.
-site Local time
-users local time

first you need to do a siteini.pack update,look in c:\program files x86\webgrab+Plus\
github has all the ini files sorted by country
if you look here..
this is the
if you look at the site {xxxx} line at the timezone setting you will see its set to UTC.
this means the time offset in your guide.xml should be +0000,your data above has +0100 so your not using the correct ini.

you can also look at the latest revision number near the top iof the ini,in this case..
* @Revision 19 - [12/06/2022] Japangelo

if you look in your webgrab log it will tell you what revision number of the webgrab is using and the path to its location.

so start there.

also since i said the ini has the timezone set to UTC above this means the show your referring to will not be found in the guide.xml at 22:30 on friday.
the site shows it at 22:30 on friday in germany local time but as i already said the ini is actually using UTC time for the start/stop time so your guide.xml should show it at 21:30 friday.

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Sitenote: I am on Linux ... slight adjustance to your paths.

Thanks for the hint. May way this evening:

I used (again) the and it outputs:
==> Current version: (20231104195900)
==> Online version: (20231211213500)
So I assumed that I was already new enough, anyway I should be uptodate afte that update
BUT ... I looked into the log as of your recommendation and was impressed:
found: /home/epg/.wg++/siteini.pack/Germany/ -- Revision 02

So the Update script failes to update?
I looked into the update script, which seems to download
which contains the Revision 19 I also at Github.
So maybe some permission issue? I deleted the siteini.pack folder and created a empty one, restarting the update.
That revealed the Revision 19 on the file. YIPPIE!

Now running it again to see what is changing.
And ... success, now it is on 15th (Friday)
programme start="20231215223000 +0100" stop="20231215230000 +0100" channel="ZDF"
title lang="de" heute-show /title

... So i "just" have the +1h problem now?
Or is 2230 +0100 indicating that 2230 is actually 2130 UTC?

I imported to tvheadend - on the webinterface it now seems to plan correctly to record at 22:30 on Friday :-)

YESSSS THANK YOU! That was a tricky one.
I dont know why my (obversly) November-Sitepack contained the very very old tvtoday info.
Feel free to ask, if I could assist while finding out.

Anyway VERY BIG THANKS and hoping that the info above might help next users, if issue comes up again

BR - Henning

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