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mdb post process

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mdb post process

good time of day
i have a question about the post process
at the source file
the title and subtitle of the show for example
NCIS - Episode 1

i have my own made database

that contains
<title>NCIS - 1 Season , 1 Episode</title>
<title>NCIS - 1 Episode</title>
<sub-title>NCIS - 1 Season , 1 Episode</sub-title>
<sub-title>NCIS - 1 Episode</sub-title>
<actor>Mark Harmon</actor>
<actor>Sean Murray</actor>
<actor>Emily Wickersham</actor>
<actor>Wilmer Valderrama</actor>
<actor>Maria Bello</actor>
<review>While on Air Force One, a Navy Commander dies. Agents from NCIS decide to take the investigation into their own hands and also force Secret Service Agent Kate Todd to help. </review>
for some reason i am getting no result!
but when i am making NCIS - Episode 1 at the top in the show section all titles and subtitles ?
it has a result

the question is there an option for the mdb to point to check all the titles\subtitles?

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in mdb config you should define the episode pattern specific fot this siteini as"'S1'""'E1'" then search with some elements like title, productiondate, episode, actor, director etc etc added in mdb.config

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the source file does not have episode nor season
only title
i was thinking on when grabbing the data from the source.xml to break the title into parts but not sure how
to do that like cutting from title NCIS - Episode 1 , Episode 1 to episode part and leaving title NCIS

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