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Generate .xml guides by yourself

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Generate .xml guides by yourself

Hi all,

Let´s imagine that we have some channels where we know their complete schedules from monday to sunday.

I could generate a .xml file with that schedules for the whole week or month/s... OK... but for all the year would be a really hard work.

Of course the problem comes when there is no more info in that .xml for the next dates... so it will not be shown in the PVR software.

I´m wondering if could have some way to generate the updated .xml file from the .ini file? Being aware the day of the week and generating the schedules accordingly in the .xml file for that day till complete a whole week with the programming.

This could be a great solution to get the programming for the DVB radio channels since it´s very difficult find web sites that have that information in xmltv format.

Any suggestion is welcome...

Best regards.

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