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Bug? cleanup cleans too much...

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Bug? cleanup cleans too much...


I think that there is a bug in the cleanup command.

When used index_title.modify {cleanup}, it removes '!', '?' and ']' (at least, these are what I have detected).

In addition, I found that the same happens in subtitle.modify {cleanup} and description.modify {cleanup}. I think that it happens when the char is at the end of the field. There are a few '?' inside description that are kept.

 A few examples (from the zip):

<title lang="es">¡Boom</title> ⇒ it should be ¡Boom!
<desc lang="es">Los Bibliotecarios llegan a un pueblo en el que los cuentos de hadas están volviendo a la vida... ¡para atacar.</desc> it should be ¡para atacar! (the period at the end is not in the HTML page)
<sub-title lang="es">¿Es usted mi padre</sub-title> it should be ¿Es usted mi padre?
<title lang="es">[Rec</title> it should be [Rec]

Is this really a bug? Can be solved?



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