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Beta V2.0.5

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Beta V2.0.5

Apart from a timezone database update one addition and one improvement:
​1. Addition : It is now possible to just list the value of an element with the following siteini command:
element.modify {(debug)} 
or without the argument () 
element.modify {debug}
The element value is listed without the before and after the operation additions in the log file.
2. improved: urldate format type weekdayname can have a list of more than 7 (one week) names.
suppose this
urldate.format {weekdayname|mo|tu|we|th|fr|sa|su|nmo|ntu|nwe|nth}
​(nmo and ntu shorts for nextmonday and next tuesday, just as example)
​For timeframe=7 and suppose its thurday now, you will get the following daylist as urldate:
th vr sa su nmo ntu nwe nth
​This to make it possible to use the weekdayname format for sites that sepecify daynames for more than one week.

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