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56.24pre: complete reverting if unsuccessful?

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56.24pre: complete reverting if unsuccessful?

Dear Jan, dear Francis

I'm using and testing the 56.24pre since today due to (suspected) memory leaks of 55.27. On another system I run a "56/0.01 - which is much more stable - I deleted it.. and seem not to get it anymore around here :-( )

I must say: great work! Faster and less gaps.

BUT: I get quite often the error "time parsing error: the chars weren't recognized as valid DateTime element" (freely translated)
THEN: "Existing guide data restored"

The restoring seems to refer to the whole channel / grab of the channel.
In my context, this is very negative. Imagine you have a first-time grab and you have this error somewhere... then you don't have any data about this chan (I just deleted my XMLTV cache - so I can see this effect)

I guess -
1. There could be at least a kind of "ignore" of that single entry
2. The scub seems to me less robust as with 55.27 (?)

Hey guys, thanks a lot for all of your work. Please don't misunderstand...

Kind greetz - Chris

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