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could you create the siteini for this site

json apparently

whole list of channels (0-198)

first channel

second channel

third channel

last channel
last channel with date->feb 25 2017

all channels of a date->feb 25 2017

"obt" can be at least this (dont know the difference but +info=better)

"comuna" is the name of the county, i used Santiago who is also the capital county (also name of the city) so has most channels, i can later edit the ini to make the rest if needed. If you want to test i'll give you a couple of comuna values


"fecha" means date $format:mdy

"canal_tipo" looks like always has the value=cate

days available = 8 (today+7)

there's more data from the results but I leave the to you because you know what you need from it I don't

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thanks but doesn't have a lot of national channels that i'm looking for... the cable ones i can grab them anywhere... but for example "chilevision" "mega" and "cnn chile" are not in

anyway...thanks a lot, but still need this one... or if noone can do it.. i'll appreciate if any of you could give me some pointers or a link to documentation to create this ini

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thank you very much :D

i'll try it later...and yes probably not the best website to learn but I had no choice bc the other one is directtv and it seems that the system isn't a walk in the park either. The other cable/sat operators do not have a programming guide available as this two

for future ref:


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