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Linux wget support doesnt work

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Linux wget support doesnt work

I am trying to get "grabengine=wget" working on linux. Unfortunately, i got an error
ixdg-open: unexpected option '--execute=http_proxy='
Try 'xdg-open --help' for more information.

xdg-open on linux does not support  --execute=http_proxy option.
I then setup a fake xdg-open with the following contents
#cat /usr/local/bin/xdg-open
wget $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7

This was able to download the file as shown my the log in /home/xx/wg++/wget.log. However, WG++ seems to delete the actual index file "/home/xx/wg++/wget.dat" as soon as it downloaded. So it ends up with an error
no index page data received for Movies
unable to update channel, try again later

Is there any plan to make wget mode working under linux?

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Is the support helpful?
support us

The support of WGet will be discontinued in the next release. It was introduced at a time when the internal grabengine was less powerfull. Now it supports even more connection protocals than WGet so it is not necessary anymore.
As a consequence the WGet option is not very well updated lately that may be the reason of your problem.
Try using the internal one.
Question: Which siteini does need WGet in this case?

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I am using tv burrp.
My main motivation in using wget is
1. Reduce cpu usage in linux by using native tools
2. Have more control on wget parameters.

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