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[WebGrab++.config] combination of "period" and "offset" possible?

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[WebGrab++.config] combination of "period" and "offset" possible?

Hey Guys!

I have a really strage setup for one of my channels:

Channel "nickelodeon" is broadcasting like this:
00:00-05:00 MTV
05:00-20:15 nickelodeon
20:15-24:00 MTV

This should be actually no problem. I did this easily with "period" in WebGrab++.config.
But I noticed that the the TV Shows of MTV starting at 20:15 (on channel nick) are the ones of 19:15 on main MTV channel..

That means nickelodeon shows the program of MTV starting at 20:15 but on official MTV its 19:15.

So the question is if I can somehow combine first "offset" of MTV shows by -1 hour and then add this in between the "normal" scheduled Nick program using "period".

Up to now I tried many way to get this done but without sucsess.

My Idea is to grab MTV completly, use then the "offset" with "same_as" function and use these offset data to put it in between the "normal" data of Nick. But it looks like that this in particular is not possible.

Attached is my current WebGrab++.config with only "period". That means I have an offset by -1 hour staring at 20:15.

This all is not that important but maybe one of you has an idea or just an simple "not possible at all" :-)

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Thanks for your answer. Yes - my config is OK because I only use "period". With this die MTV part is one hour to late... But yes - this is hard to explain. I double checked this with "full" MTV channel. That is all correct. So if I switch to MTV then the grabbed part for MTV is OK. But this is more about NICK. For some reason they bradacst starting 20:15 the shows of MTV starting 19:15. That means NICK shows the same shedule again but one hour later than original MTV.

Maybe this explains it better:

This is what MTV broadcast
19:15 MTV Likes: EMA Winners & Acts
20:20 Fear Factor
21:10 Fear Factor

And this is what NICK shows
20:15 MTV Likes: EMA Winners & Acts
21:20 Fear Factor
22:10 Fear Factor

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I think this all in not fixable with include or exclude. I already took a look into that functions.

I guess I have to live with that as it is - And to be honest this is not that important because I'm not using that channel quite often... Moreover I like things are qworking for 100% and not only 95% LoL.

Perfect solution would be to grab full orignal MTV channel, set an "offset" with "same_as" and use this new data for the combination of NICK and MTV via "period"... I tried that on several diffent ways but without sucsess...

"period" stand alone works very good - same for "offset" with "same_as" - This works as well if used for an complete channel... The combination of both is the question...

Howsoever - thanks for your sugestions and your time!

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Good idea! Will try to find MTV in other ini's. Maybe one has at 20:15 the same show as MTV from has at 19:15 OR in another de-ini in which for NICK the complete schedule will show. But as far as I know they just write "Sendepause" (means: intermission) mostly.

So simple - but too simple for me as it looks like :-) has NICK with compelte 24/7 schedule incl. all the MTV stuff.

Thanks so much for that Idea!
This gives me now two options: Grab completly from tvtoday or use (the faster) tvtv and use period for the MTV stuff from tvtotay. Crazy! :-)

This is an 100% solution I like. :-)

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