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ConfigMaker tool for multiple configurations

Like many others I want to have EPG on my satellite receiver and WebGrab++ seemed like great tool.
Since I'm also lazy I don't want to do all the hard work of channel mapping, editing configurations, etc.. over and over again.
Modifying/maintaining one "grab" configuration is not that much of a deal, but problems rise when you have multiple configurations to run. Constantly copy/pasting site keys, updating inis & xmls, checking paths. Unacceptable.
What I also learned was that many others have same problems.


WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.

Upgrade release
/ 52

- changed  : the index_variable_element is saved and kept throughout any following scrub and operation untill updated
- added    : cleanup(style=regex) adds all escapes to regex meta chars
- added    : regex in scrub accepts 'index_variable_element' as component
- bug fixed: the bug fixed :remove and replace accepts 'real' \ characters specified as \\ was not properly implemented
- bug fixed: index_duration was not properly formatted to the culture info used inside the program
- added    : log of OsVersion
- bug fixed: Mono runtime error wrt XPathstring containing /
- bug fixed: httpwebresponse was not closed
- changed  : httpwebrequest header accept-encoding= "gzip, deflate" is no longer default
- improved : timespan calcuations
- bug fixed: regex scrub accepts a \| as a 'real' |
- added    : remove and replace accepts 'real' \ characters specified as \\
- improved : unicode character sequence in cleanup handles also \\n, \\r and \\t
- added    : default default httpwebrequest headers accept-encoding, pargma and cache-control...

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The manual is udated and covers all the new features like regular expressions, HttpWebRequest POST_BACK and SOAP and Timespan calculations. And all the other smaller improvements. Available on the download page.

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All four siteini's are updated today. If you are a user of the MDB postprocessor to collect extra data from, you should use these updates. They provide an improved showmatching and fixed the broken commentsummary scrub. Be aware that the old revision 0 of doesn't work anymore (causing endless grabbing times!!).

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Upgrade release
/ 51

- added    : url header 'accept'
- bug fixed: some conditional arguments were disabled by the automatic addition of the scope
- bug fixed: datenumber urldate was not properly calculated (timezone problem)
- changed  : support for half hour timezone
- changed  : forward looking dst mode is now default. To switch back to old style mode=f
- bug fixed: in setting the scope.range when the first ( char occurs without a | char. (As in cleanup tags)
- bug fixed: in GetInsertMode when only one channel and a show needs to be inserted before the none existing second channel
- added (experimental) : Regex Operations and Regex scrub

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Upgrade release
/ 50

- improved : robots exclusion handling.
- added    : site {allowlastdayoverflow} allows the last day to overflow into the next morning.
- bug fixed: in setting the scope.range when the first ( char occurs after the | char.  
- bug fixed: cookie expires value calculation crashes when expires value > max datetime value (9999 31/12 23.59.59)
- added    : bitwise calculations 'and' 'or' 'xor' and 'not'
- bug fixed: In MDB postprocess runtime error if no ldb path is specified
- added    : in urldate format datenumber, the offset can now be specified in decimal hours 5.5 or timespan 5:30
- bug fixed: in titlematch that forced an unnecessary update if the title ends with a number
- bug fixed: error in postdata extraction if no subpagelist is listed in the siteini
- MDB & REX: xmltv elements videoaspect, videoquality, presenter, writer, producer, composer and commentator added as elements that can be removed from the xmltv file
- MDB & REX: added xmltv elements videoaspect and videoquality as source element
- bug fixed: endless loop in scrub.result()
- bug fixed: that was introduced in /49...

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SiteIni.Pack release

This is the latest version of the SiteIni.Pack.

Check the EPG channel page for more details

(To find out quickly what is new:  Use the button 'Sort by date' )

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