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Changes, improvements and bugs fixed:

- bug fixed : when the config calls a non existend siteini loading empty.ini was not properly implemented
- bug fixed : argument value 'minimum=' was not properly implemented in MDBpostprocessor
- update     : new tzdatabase based on tzdata2014e
- changed  : default max value in each loop is length source element with a limit of 10000
- improved : unmatched timezone now logs al timezones sorted with coming DST date
- added      : timezone query  , (add ? to timezone name in ini), lists timezone details in log file
- bug fixed : not fully working debug switch in loops
- bug fixed : index_variable_element in 'foreach' loop didn't work
- improved : parsing and error handling maxdays
- bug fixed : replace type regex did not accept #### as new string (that was internally used)
- improved : logging and error handling loops
- added      : 'foreach' loop first implementatie
    e.g loop {(debug each 'index_temp_6' in 'index_actor' max=15)|end}
- changed  : loop condition is now executed as real precondition, condition false -- loop not executed
- improved : loop debug logging
- added      : config mode switch ~ , as in <mode>#~</mode> to switch off the 3 seconds wait at the end of a run
- added      : forgotten arguments for command sort  (descending ascending string integer) added to argument and preconditional extraction
- bug fixed : error in the new argument extraction corrected
- improved : MinSWversion check syntax check
- bug fixed : the order of the arguments in an operation created problems when the preconditional was not the first after debug
- improved : the overall internal extraction of preconditionals and other arguments in operations
- bug fixed : small typo in log  "pdate"  changed in "update"
- bug fixed : datetime globalization error in // indexpage overlaps ? (date MM/dd/yyyy cannot parse in dd/MM/yyyy)
- bug fixed : preconditionals ~~ and == were not properly implemented
- Postprocess V1.5
     - added: url headers
- bug fixed : a conditional string between [] is considered a wildcard even if it is no * or ?
- bug fixed : request header host cannot be empty, condition added
- added      : loadcookie=cookiefilename,domain    domain=* will disable domain filter
- bug fixed : request header referer was not used in method GET
- added      : request header host

Release date: 
Thursday, August 7, 2014
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