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EPG Guide Automatic Update with Shell Scripting

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EPG Guide Automatic Update with Shell Scripting

As we all know, IPTV links don't last much, and we always need to get new links for the same Channel, hence, this makes us update our EPG guide quite often because many times the name of that same channel will not be the same as before. This is why I thought of the following:

What if somehow we could grab the name of the channel from the list we grabbed from the internet (say pastebin, for instance) and replace the name of that channel in the WebgrabConfig.xml file. By doing this, we will save a LOT of time updating the list of channels whenever we have to make updates to our list.

Breaking it down a bit:

- This is the link we get from pastebin for instance:


#EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="AMC HD" , AMC HD

- This is the channel information we get in the webgrabconfig.xml file (as you can see, the name of the channel is outdated):


<channel update="i" site="" site_id="37" xmltv_id="AMC">AMC</channel>

The main question is... Can we grab the channel name from FILE 1 (AMC HD) and paste it in FILE 2 (xmltv_id="AMC HD">AMC HD) ?? And repeat this process for each channel we have in FILE 1 and paste the channel information into FILE2.

I believe this could be done with shell scripting by searching for the string similar to the one in FILE 1 and paste that content in FILE 2. Please let me know your thought on this, I think this will help us all.

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